Building Gender Equality Skills within Our Team

Women and girls are at higher risk of experiencing violence while receiving quality RMNCH services simply because of their gender. At Mama na Mtoto, we strive to ensure that gender equality and social equity are integrated in all facets of our work. Through facilitating training workshops, we address the role of men in reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health. We also address the power imbalances between men and women in different groups, such as health care workers, health facility government committees and community health workers. Additionally, we review training curriculums and work with our own staff to support them in mainstreaming gender equality and social equity in their work and to build internal capacity.

Tumsibilege Mwakibo, one of our Community Engagement Project Officers in Kwimba, finds the skills learned from the training facilitated by the Gender Equality and Social Equity team to be very useful when she works directly with members of the community. “To me, the training has really been able to widen my capacity, especially in analyzing gender issues that are within the community. For example, now during maternal death reviews, that we normally conduct if a woman dies, I take a lead in helping the community analyze all gender issues that contributed to the death and look for ways to ensure that it does not happen again.”

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