Our Approach

Mama na Mtoto conducts activities that are comprehensive, carefully planned, and responsive to community priorities.

Activities emphasize all aspects of women and child care including adolescence, pregnancy, birth and early childhood. Mama na Mtoto activities occur throughout whole districts, not piecemeal.  Significant change results when activities address needs of communities, health facilities and government health systems simultaneously.

How and when activities occur matters.  Mama na Mtoto activities are planned using a cycle, called SOPETaR. Scan-Orient-Plan-Equip-Train and Act-Reflect (SOPETAR) guides implementation which is carefully designed and evidence-informed to maximize impact.

Sustained change requires strong commitment and involvement by health and political leaders at all stages.  District leaders make project decisions based on their own priorities. Activities are modified according to ongoing input from communities and leaders.

Research and Evaluation is conducted at all project phases.  We document and share project results, lessons learned, and best practices.  Mama na Mtoto aims to develop and communicate a sustainable model that can be adapted broadly.