Training Materials

Over the four years Mama na Mtoto was operating, an array of training materials were developed by the Mama na Mtoto team and health facility staff. 

Parents were often given a lot of new information during their clinic visits. Mama na Mtoto developed handouts for parents to help them remember important details from each visit. The handouts include illustrations and directions in English or Swahili.

Parent Guide Swahili
Parent Guide English 

These cards were used to facilitate hands-on skills practice for management of pregnancy, delivery and postnatal care for women and newborns. One side is read by the “learner” and the other is read by the “facilitator.” Side A contains information about the case scenario for the “learner” and side B contain prompts and guidelines for the “facilitator.” Available here

These flipcharts were developed to accompany and provide important supplementary information and skills for simulation workshops.

Basic skills for labour and delivery and neonatal care
Focused ANC malaria and syphilis in pregnancy